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Our Approach


Our school is founded on the principles of learning through play. The program is designed to encourage curiosity, to provide opportunities for children to think creatively, and to allow children to make choices and decisions for themselves and be able to act freely upon those decisions within appropriate limits. Above all, our school provides an environment in which children are respected and encouraged to grow.

Our school is managed by an Executive Director, a Preschool Director, an Infant and Toddler Director and a governing Board of Directors, comprised mostly of parents of the school and including members of our local community who have experience in early childhood education and school development. Daily operations are managed by the Executive and on-site Directors, and the Board is responsible for conducting long-range and strategic planning, as well as financial management of the organization. New Board members are elected by current families of the school each September. Board meetings are held monthly and are open to all parents and faculty. Parents are encouraged to submit ideas to the Board for consideration and to maintain active involvement in supporting the Friendship Children’s Center through Board membership, classroom activities, and financial contributions.