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Whale - Belugas (42-60), Orcas (60+)

Welcome to the Ocean (Pre-Kindergarten)

(Pre-Kindergarten I (Belugas) – Ages Forty-Two to Sixty Months) (Pre-Kindergarten II (Orcas) –Ages 60+ Months) The Friendship Children’s Centers pre-kindergarten […]

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Dolphin - (37-48 months)

Welcome to the Sea (Our Preschool Classroom)

The transition from the Guppy to Dolphin classroom marks your child’s progression to a new level of social and emotional […]

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Guppy - (25-36 months)

Welcome to the Fish Bowl (Junior Preschool)

Taking children between the ages of two and three years through the transition from parallel to group play is a […]

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Jellyfish - (13-24 months)

Welcome to the Ocean (Toddler Class)

As young toddlers, the main goals of the Jellyfish are to gain independence, develop a better sense of self, and […]

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Seahorse and Starfish - (3-12 months)

Welcome to the Ocean (our Infant Classrooms)

During the first year of life, infants acquire a sense of trust and the knowledge that they are loved.  This […]

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